The final declaration of the railway project workshop organized by Giresun University and Giresun TSO was announced.

In the program held at Giresun University's Güre Campus, the final declaration of the workshop on the railway line planned to be established on the Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Giresun-Trabzon route in the Eastern Black Sea was read.

Dean of Göresun University Görele Faculty of Fine Arts. Dr. In the statement read by Ramazan Sever, it was stated that the Tirebolu route is the most advantageous route in terms of connection with the coastal and inland areas, considering the coastal settlements and alternative routes in the Eastern Black Sea.

In the declaration, which emphasized that the channel from Harşit Stream pouring into the sea, to a certain code towards the inner parts can be created and used as a port, the following views were given:

“With the railway reaching Giresun and thus the Eastern Black Sea region, the development achieved on a national scale will be carried to the international dimension in the future. Due to the increase in international trade in the Black Sea basin in the future, the ports on the East Black Sea coast are expected to gain importance. With the commissioning of the railway, the hinterland of the ports in question will expand and their share in transit trade will increase. The employment it will provide both during the construction of the railway and where it has passed after its completion will contribute to the economy of the region. It will be both easy and cheap to deliver regional products such as minerals, nuts, tea and animal products to the national and international markets. Again, a great contribution will be made to the development of tourism with medium and small-scale industry in the region. ”

After the declaration was read, Giresun University Rector Acting Prof. Dr. A certificate of appreciation was given by Yılmaz Can.

Source: News 7

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