Some bridges will be demolished within the scope of Bursaray's Kestel line

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, begins on the road to the demolition of the bridges on the Ankara Highway tomorrow. The construction is planned to start within 1 months after the demolition is completed.

The renovation of the Hacivat, Balikli and Delicay bridges on the Ankara Highway starts with the demolition process tomorrow. First of all, the bridge of Hacivat bridge going from Bursa to Ankara direction will collapse and traffic will be given over the other bridge. The traffic going to Ankara-Bursa direction will be provided by the Eastern Ring Road.
Following the completion of the demolition of the bridges, the construction works are planned to start within the 1 month. For 3 lanes, 3 lanes, and Bursaray, the bridges will be constructed as 3 bridges as 9 bridges. For the construction of the bridges to be constructed by Öztimur Yapı Proje, the Metropolitan Municipality gave 350 days.


Mayor Recep Altepe, the highways of the construction work of the bridges from the investment program to save time after starting to work immediately expressing that they have completed the tender and said they had begun the construction of bridges. Altepe stressed that they aim to complete the bridges that will be demolished by the end of the year by the end of the year and underlined that they are planning to complete Bursaray Kestel line at the beginning of the year.

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