Level Crossing In Kayseri: 2 Dead.

In Kayseri, two people who wanted to bring firewood to their homes died as a result of being hit by the locomotive while trying to cross the level crossing with their cars.

According to the information obtained, the accident took place at the level crossing located near the Şeker Mahallesi Keykubat train station at around 18.30. FS, 57, and SA, 53, came to the logistics services center to bring firewood to their home. FS and SA made their way to their homes by loading the wood used for transportation in their 38 EG 528 car. Two people trying to cross the level crossing near Keykubat train station with their car, Ö.B. with SU

22.065 meters were drifted by the collision of the locomotive 350. In the accident, two people lost their lives in the car. Police detained the mechanics, the corpses, after the examination, the autopsy of Education and Research Hospital morgue was removed.

The vehicle returned to the scraper, removed from the scene with the help of the investigation, said the investigation is continuing.

Source : http://www.haberler.com



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