Islahiye-Mersin Train Acquires New Air Conditioner Wagons

Ak Party Gaziantep Deputy Şamil Tayyar reported that the İslahiye-Fevzipaşa-Mersin train got new air-conditioned wagons as a result of talks with the General Directorate of TCDD.

Tayyar, said in a statement, İslahiye-Fevzipaşa-TCDD trains of Mersin, he said 15- about 61603 years 61604-61605-61606 made aboard trains.

Tayyar, from the İslahiye-Fevzipaşa station to Mersin, with the provision of air-conditioned wagons, which will provide a comfortable journey to the passengers at 26 stations, said, “We have put into service zero-air-conditioned wagons within 6 months. We are experiencing the happiness of this. Our citizens who will travel by train will now have a comfortable and comfortable journey in summer and winter with air-conditioned wagons. ”

Source: AA

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