Chp Kocaeli Deputy Kaplan: - Sür High Speed ​​Train Project is Very Important for Bringing Metropolis Like Istanbul and Ankara in a Short Time Ch

CHP Kocaeli Deputy Mehmet Hilal Kaplan, "High Speed ​​Train Project, metropolises such as Istanbul and Ankara in a very short time to meet," he said.

Kaplan, a press conference in a restaurant in Izmit, last year in December, the Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communications Binali Yildirim, "High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project," recalling the proposal of the question within the scope of the project completely closed the train lines in a large number of he said that human beings would be a victim.

Kaplan emphasized the need to collect experts to prevent the people to be victimized, said:

A We received data from TCDD and we asked questions to Minister Yıldırım regarding the data. High Speed ​​Train Project is very important in order to meet metropolises such as Istanbul and Ankara in a short time. Using technology is also very important. People should not be victimized when using technology. In order to avoid grievances, experts should be asked. This line uses 5 million people a year. It says TCDD figures. Approximate day 15 is a route used by a thousand people. Students and workers are very busy, there are a lot of day-old women working in the direction of Istanbul, even the victimization must be removed. Ve


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