Bayburt Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Of-Çaykara-Bayburt-Erzincan rail

The Assembly and Consultation Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bayburt, January 2012 was held.

Chairman of the Board President Ibrahim Yumak chaired by the meeting in the Bayburt stone and mining evaluations were made.


In the debates on the railway route, which is one of the top issues on the agenda of the Bayburt agenda, the feasibility studies were not included in the report. ulaş We will not allow such an initiative to achieve its purpose, mas Yumak said. On-Çaykara, which is the most advantageous route in terms of functionality, length, construction cost, construction period, land use, meeting the project criteria, maintenance cost, operating cost and time saving, and with the saving of approximately 4 Billion TL - We are ready to contribute to the studies to be taken into consideration in the feasibility and taking into account the scientific reports of the Bayburt-Erzincan line. We offer him in this matter need to develop our Prime Minister Bayburt file both in October again, Mr. during a visit to South Africa carried Başbakanımızla communicated personally Başbakanımıza and also Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union has raised the Chairman Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu presented file a detailed way. In parallel with these studies, the railway line inadvertently raises the mistakes of Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) Civil Engineering Department Head of Transportation Department. Dr. Fazıl Çelik will be invited to Bayburt and will support each work to be held in a conference and press conference. At the same time, the conference will be organized for this purpose by cooperating with all stakeholders, especially our municipality and the University, and the Presidents of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Erzincan, Trabzon and Ofici, by inviting them to our province for this meeting and for olmak Of-Çaykara-Bayburt konferans We will set up a program and a joint policy with joint work and cooperation. ortak




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