AK Party Kars Deputies said that the logistics center will definitely be established in Kars.

According to the report of İHA, Ahmet Arslan and Yunus Kılıç, who stated that Kars will become the logistics base with the logistics center to be established at Mezra Village Stop; “The installation cost of this logistics center is 50 million TL. Not even 1 percent of the cost of installation. When the high-speed train route is completed, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway is completed, the logistics center is completed, and the four-year contribution to the logistics sector will be measured in billions of dollars. There are those who want to confuse the people of Kars. There are some inconsistent statements that the logistics center will not be established in Kars in the recent days. They will definitely be established in the logistics center Kars without any doubt. ”

Underlining that Kars Logistics Center will definitely be established at the intersection of Kars Tbilisi, Kars Iğdır railway projects at the Mezra stop at the intersection of Kars Logistics Center, Arslan and Kılıç; “There are very important developments in Kars. Those who do not want to see them. They confuse our people by putting forward different things. The AK Party government attaches great importance to our Prime Minister Kars. Kars will really change the face of the "Iron Silk Road" project, which will connect Kars to Beijing and London, to realize the project of the World in Kars. Is it possible not to see this? Whatever we promised our citizens in the selection process, all of them will be fulfilled. No one should doubt that. This year Kars Dam will continue where it left off. BTK Railway line continues fast. The Airport Terminal Building is being built despite the winter. Double road works between Kars and Erzurum continue. ”

Source: UAV

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 16:39

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