Is the problem with us?

When it is said that "Istanbul's symbols will be renewed", morale deteriorates. Objections to prepared projects are increasing day by day. Are we afraid of innovations or do we have more valid reasons?

"Istanbul's icons will be renewed," the morale is broken. Objections to the prepared projects are increasing day by day. Are we afraid of innovations or have more valid reasons?

Plans are being prepared, ”will be moved to the bottom of Taksim, is called. We perceive him as "Taksim to be discomfused". Platforms are being set up, all together. Even if we can't change the result, there's at least an effort.
"Haydarpasa Train Station is no longer needed, somehow Marmaray" is called. The train service ends, the gar restaurant and the internet site of the station are closing down at once. Or The outside of Haydarpasa will remain the same, its surroundings and inside will be created “. Just like the Haydarpaşa fire, this time we are burning. Or A part of Haydarpaşa will be a hotel, a part of it will be a museum and some of it will be an entertainment center bir, our nerves play. Even before seeing the project "Let's get Haydarpaşa'ı" he is being written.

What's new

Or are we against all innovations? Let us be open to innovations, easy adaptation to nothing? Or do we feel compelled to accept the first thing? It just takes us a long time to get used to it?
Or do innovations scare us to death? Do we feel more aged in every innovation? Or do we just enjoy appealing? We all have an appeal broker? Or do we come to the galaxy because one opposes? Does it seem like we're going to be missing if we don't keep up?

Contemporary Ertuna - Nationality



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