The Ministry's 3. Bridge mathematics

Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım, much discussed 3. The bridge made striking statements yesterday.

Lightning, “3. We're going back to the bridge tender. We changed the project. The change is as follows: First of all the bridge and the highway were planned with build-operate-transfer. However, with the change we made, we will build and operate the 60 kilometer road and connection roads on the Euro-Asian side of the bridge and bridge.

We will complete the rest of the roads with our own budget and facilities. Geri

Yildirim said that the road construction with the connection roads would find the 95 kilometer, and the tender price was as follows: The cost is for us as an approach but the actual price will be revealed by the tenders that will come to the tender.

But we're going to be half of the tender we've been out of before.


Lightning, 3. He stated that the bridge is a necessity, it must be done and the traffic density in the existing bridges cost 3.5 billion liras per year:

We currently have two bridges in Istanbul, the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. Their total daily traffic is over a thousand 450.

In fact, they work with full capacity, even a little over capacity.

However, in the morning and evening hours, the average 1 distance can be reached in 45 minutes, so we are experiencing a delay of 45 minutes.

What does this delay mean? More gasoline, fuel burning, loss of time, loss of labor and more environmental pollution.

The monetary amount of these losses is 1 billion liras per year; The price of the bridge is not that much.
This is even 3 alone. Enough to show how important the Bridge is.


  1. Binali Yıldırım stated that if the bridge is completed, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge will also be reserved for urban traffic just like the Bosphorus Bridge, and this will provide a noticeable relief in traffic. Minister Yıldırım stated that the real relief will be experienced with the introduction of Marmaray.


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