2012 AND 2013 YEARS

Minister Binali Yıldırım shared with us that at the meeting we held 20 days ago, he declared 2012 and 2013 as the year of Gümüşhane in the form of a directive to his bureaucratic staff. Our Gümüşhane will get all the services it deserves, especially in the field of transportation. "

Aydın also gave information about the railway. Aydın, who stated that the 2009-day work period of the railway, where the survey tender was made in 480, was completed and the community project was launched, said: “In this community project, there is a common project that will land on Erzincan, Deredolu, Kelkit, Şiran, Pirahmet and Gümüşhane. In this community project, within the vision of our government in 2023, Edirne-Kars-Baku-Tbilisi lines, as well as the North-South line, on the Erzincan Black Sea coastal road line, today's version from Gümüşhane

will pass with. "

Stating that they were the advocates of this until the end, Aydın used the following statements: “I would also like to inform in terms of information pollution. It is necessary to take a good look under the phrases that are physical or not feasible. Feasibility is collected under two headings. One is economic feasibility and the other is social feasibility. Railways are not built anywhere in the world by looking at economic feasibility. in the logic of all railways in Turkey it is not concerned. But the AK Party, which has the logic of let the people live so that the state lives, will be done in line with social responsibility and social feasibility, even if it is not feasible wherever people are. There is a Trabzon-Erzincan-Diyarbakır line on the 69th page of their strategic plans on the websites of the Ministry of Transport and DLH. It is possible to do this within the 10-year vision within the statements of our government and the speeches of our Prime Minister to the nation. The train route that will pass through Gümüşhane, far from polemics, has already been done and will be followed.

I wish the projects until the implementation to be beneficial. "

Deputy Feramuz Üstün, on the other hand, said that within 2-3 years, Erzurum Gümüşhane, Erzincan Gümüşhane and Trabzon Gümüşhane will reach an environment where transportation will be provided quickly with tunnels and double road networks. Stating that these works to be done depend on the budget power, Üstün continued his words as follows: “These are related to budget possibilities. We do not have problems with allowance in other areas as well as on highways. We are in a period where there is no shortage of resources as long as the work is done.

Therefore, these are not an infrastructure investment that will last for years. "

Stating that the railway issue is under their follow-up, Üstün continued his words as follows: “We have an egg ball on our back, so to speak. It is important for us that the railway passes through Gümüşhane. We don't have the chance to talk about everything everywhere. If there is no extraordinary trouble in the country, in the world, and if the railways are not removed from the program, this train will pass through Gümüşhane. I believe the railroad will add a lot to the city. This investment will affect future generations. So quiet, calm, as much as we can

As a follower, we believe this project will be done here. Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Minister attaches special importance to this region. "

Zeynel Abidin Yeşil, Regional Director of Highways, who gave information during the investigations, said that Torul tunnels, which have a thousand 15 meters and a left tube of one thousand 45 meters, continue to work at a rate of average 4,5 meters per day. 12 2012 9 February 5 in the left tube indicating that the light appears in the green, in the right tube will be completed by the beginning of April and the light will be seen, he said. 2014 section XNUMX on the road is the construction of double tube-shaped tunnel in kilometers, Green at the beginning of XNUMX

said that they expected the completion of the productions in the whole road.

After the delegation made statements to the journalists, a part of the tunnel was covered by a thousand 15 meters.

Source: UAV

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