There needs 15 years to $ 45 billion rail vehicle in Turkey

Bursa is the most important force representing industry Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, said that Turkey's domestic brands and the needs of Bursa. "Why shouldn't our local trams go on European streets while Turkish brand cars show tourists around Europe?" Stating that they started the local tram project with the thought of them, President Altepe said, “When we first expressed our idea of ​​producing a local tram, everyone was saying dreams. But when we started we found it easy. As long as there are people to do it. Get willpower. After we started to work, we got support from our metropolitan municipalities. They even said it would be great. We are doing the hardest part of the job. We want to produce brands and sell them to the world and keep the brand value here. Nothing that is not started ends. Currently, a wagon comes to us for 8 million TL. When you put 4 wagons side by side, it costs 32 million TL. This money goes abroad completely. Spare parts are already very expensive and you depend on them. If we do the production here, the resource will be left to us ”.

they are reminiscent of advantageous brand cars abroad against President Altepe, "Turkey needs $ 15 billion over 45 years in the rail vehicle. In the world, 15 trillion dollar rail system vehicle is needed in 1 years. Why would our 32 million TL go out in such a market? We have now produced enough brands. After that, we should create our own brands besides production. It has the necessary demand domestically. Istanbul, Ankara, Kayseri, Konya are ready to buy domestic wagons. Adapazarı, Kütahya, Gaziantep and Samsun, which will switch to the rail system, said that they expect to start domestic production. ”

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