20 billion dollar 'rail' opportunity to local industrialists (Special Report)

Attention in the Turkish industry, the railway has been translated. Turkey's 2023 to 5 thousand years will be needed to set 500 metro and tram. The monetary value of this is between 18-20 billion dollars. Therefore, the pie for the domestic industrialist is very large.

The Ministry of Transport opened a tender to be held in 324 in February to buy an 14 set metro vehicle for the Ankara Metro. In the tender specifications, 14 sets the 'percent 75 domestic industry contribution' for the 30 set to be delivered per month. The remaining 249 vehicle '51 domestic contribution' wanted. the Ministry of subway and rail vehicles this step will create a new industry moves in Turkey has created great excitement.
Turkey would be about 2023 thousand 5 500 up needs to metro and tram sets, it is estimated will create a financially potential of about 18-20 billion dollars. For this reason, Turkish industry is facing a great opportunity to get a share of this big cake.


Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, "The Future of Rail Transit System in Turkey 'is held a seminar. Speaking at the opening of the seminar, Vice President of ITO Şekib Avdagiç that the last period of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey to show the necessary attention to the railways after the high-speed rail study in the first year, it drew attention to embark on the second plan. Avdagic, the issue of the 'national case' should be made by specifying, especially in the big cities with the work of metro-tram rail transportation has improved, he said. Avdagiç said:: We had a great opportunity. The majority of the sub-industrialists in our country have the capacity and ability to produce and supply materials for the tram, locomotive or wagon to be produced in our country. These productions also provide opportunities for other markets as they include export potential. until 2023 5 thousand in Turkey is about 500 metro and tram set of needs, it is estimated will create a financially potential of about 18-20 billion dollars. When we add the projects of locomotives, wagons, renewal of them, and the production of new ones with completely domestic production, this potential figure is much higher. In this sense, it is obvious how an opportunity for sub-industrialists is waiting. Anlam
Istanbul Technical University Council Member Hasan Buyukdede was the chairman of the seminar, which also included ITU Deputy Secretary General Selçuk Tayfun Ok. The need for railway transportation has also increased with the increase of the population in the cities.


TCDD 1. Regional Director Hasan Gedikli, 2023'e until the completion of investments per year 45 billion passengers per kilometer can be done. In this way, Gedikli said that annual 1.7 billion TL could be saved in external costs compared to bus transportation in particular. Gedikli also said that 84 billion tons more cargo transportation could be done in a year, thus saving 12.2 billion TL in external costs compared to the truck.
Gedikli emphasized that the country's economy will save 14 billion TL annually when the target level is reached on the railway. Hasan Gedikli also touched upon the High Speed ​​Train project and said, X In the government program, 2023 is expected to increase the total railway network to 10 thousand 4 kilometers by making 25 one thousand kilometers YHT and 940 thousand kilometer conventional line up to XNUMX edik.


Istanbul Transportation Inc. General Manager Ömer Yıldız emphasized that an important contribution will be made to employment by using domestic industry in production. Stars, so that the country's economy will be supported, would be useful in closing the current account deficit, the domestic industry will support the opening of the world said. Stars, localization of 14 million euros will be prevented from entering the source abroad, he said.
IMM Rail Systems Manager Yalçın Eyigün, London, Paris, Tokyo and New York, compared to the rail system in Istanbul far behind, recalling that Istanbul, especially due to historical works can not be carried out comfortably due to works. Eyigün, with the completion of Marmaray 2020'ya towards the rail transportation network in Istanbul would be very advanced, stating ıyla European production costs increased. In this regard, Turkish producers have the advantage. If we can create domestic brands, we can export products to Europe Yer.
OSTİM Foundation Board Member Assoc. Dr. Sedat Çelikdoğan said, in In most of the developed countries, domestic producers are preferred for such purchases. Turkey also should be a law about it, "he said.

A positive wind caught in production

Ahmet Gök, General Secretary of Rail Transport Systems Association (RAYDER), said: erne This is a love. We are a nation that has produced our own car and train. Now we must hear the same excitement as those who produce them. Şimdi Sky, Paris, New York, London and Tokyo by showing the example of the rail system, Istanbul also needs an advanced rail system, he said. Reminding that the present heavens 400 subway car found in Istanbul, this number over the years 15 4 thousand in Istanbul, in Turkey will come to 15 thousand, he said. Gök emphasized that these vehicles should be produced by domestic industrialists and said, ay The metro purchase tender in Ankara was a start. It was shown that the local industrialist was trusted. Thus, domestic producers should be encouraged and should be increased to once Turkey exporter position in this field, "he said.
Domestic production in Turkey today in a favorable wind blowing that transfers the heavens, "We are particularly Prime Minister's domestic flights, domestic spacecraft, destekçileriyiz said the domestic automobile," he said. Heavens, that he should be a standard transferring between trams and metro cars in production, including production projects completely stressed the need to belong to Turkey.

Our industrialist's time to show himself

Ministry of Transport Minister Advisor Dr. Metin Yerebakan stressed that the most comfortable, safest, fastest and most economical means of transportation in urban transportation is the rail system.
Reminding that the rail system technologies are in the automotive industry in developed countries. Dr. Yerebakan, "There are 100 years locomotive factory in Turkey. We are a country that can produce locomotives since 1960. Eskişehir, Adapazarı, Sivas. In some countries in the Middle East, locomotives are being exported and Bulgaria is exported from Adapazari to Bulgaria. The factory produces wagons in Sivas. These are connected to TCDD. Bunlar
Turkey noted that the production problems in the rail system in Yerebakan state a preference for purchases wanted to put to the domestic industry. “It was the first time and a great revolution. The state, our industrialist, 'make a decision' says.
On the other hand, Yerebakan reminding that the urban transport authority in Turkey, so that the institution will provide vehicles manufactured in compliance certificate, the absence of such institutions in other countries of the vehicles produced in Turkey was passed also be used seamlessly. Yerebakan, in this way, the Turkish industrialists can easily export said.
Yerebakan, it Our capacity for domestic production, our ability is available. Time is time. Domestic manufacturers face a test of 51 percent. We have a big cake ahead of us. Büyük

These costs are included in the initial purchase

  • 50 percent of equipment, 50 design and integration percent.
  • Total labor cost is 50.
  • System design and integration.
  • Test, validation and warranty.
  • Spare part.
  • Maintenance

Why should we support domestic production?

  • To contribute to the development of Turkey's economy.
  • Direct contribution to employment.
  • Close current account deficit.
  • Turkey know-how to make the transfer.
  • To open the domestic industry to the world market.
  • To promote rail industry sub-industry.
  • Lowering equipment and spare parts costs.
  • Shorten the lead times.
  • Providing direct support to local tram, metro and high-speed train projects.

Most wagons in New York

  • Paris: 3.450
  • London: 4.900
  • New York: 6.400
  • Istanbul: 280 (today)
  • Istanbul: 3.204 (2023 target)

'I'm ready to pass the train back to my home, or I'm ready

The barrier of the Topkapı Palace, which was formed in front of the railway to Istanbul, was overcome when Sultan Abdülaziz allowed the railway to pass through the palace garden. Sultan, the importance he gave to the railway, "I'm ready to do my way back to my hometown train road, I am willing," he showed a historical vision and showed.


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