Airport with Rail System

Mayor Yılmaz Raylı Sitem didn't give a date when he was going to the airport.

Speaking at the meeting of the Provincial Coordination Board Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, the previous description of the Rail System's daily passenger carrying capacity 10 bin missing, 50 reached the bin and said that the rail system will grow in the east and west direction. Yilmaz previously said the rail system 60 Bin passenger carrying capacity.

Mayor Yılmaz said, "In the Municipal Council of the Metropolitan Municipality in the coming days, we carried the new route, 16 kilometers in the east, 21 kilometers in the west, the new route from the east to the airport and to Taflan in the west, and the related environmental plan We bring it to our assembly, we will pass it through our assembly. But in the first place, you will appreciate that this is a big project. Currently, we aim to project the part from the station station to the Belediyeevleri intersection in 10,5 and to realize its construction this year. The rail system at the airport until Taflana will reach a distance of 2012 kilometers in the coming years. Of course, this requires a process, it requires resource planning. It is a job that will happen over time. Rail system is indispensable for metropolitan cities. " he spoke.

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