Vahap Munyar: YHT turned Konya into a suburb of Ankara

The Mayor of the Selcuklu district of KONYA, Ugur Ibrahim Altay's road recently met with the thought of Istanbul. Söze entered the district population:

  • 500 thousand inhabitants Turkey's xnumx'nc great ilçesiyiz. Turkey's population will leave behind our 17 the province.
  • How much budget do you manage a district with a population of 500 thousand?
  • When I came to office, I had a budget of 67 million pounds. 2011 million pounds in 137.
  • How did you make a budget for 2012?
  • We increased our budget size to 250 million pounds. It was a pretty ambitious budget.

He immediately mentioned the rate of realization:
- Our budget realization rate is 99 percent.
- Do you have any debts?
- We took over the municipality without debt, so we continue. We produce services on the one hand, and resources on the other.
- How do you produce the source?
- Real estate tax, for example… We collected 2008 million lira in 11. It increased to 2011 million liras in 27.
- How did it happen?
- We prevented the lost-leak. Our collection rate in real estate tax rose to 95 percent.
- What did you do to increase this rate?
- We told our citizens that we need to make this collection to serve. We also provided payment facilities. For example, we agreed with banks and provided 6 interest-free installments.
Emphasizing that Selçuklu is the new developing face of Konya, he added:
- We are developing a plot for housing. We take it from TOKİ and transfer it to the private sector. Our primary task is to resolve finance.
He pointed to an important detail for contractors who work for the municipality:
- Our progress payments are paid within 3 days. Nobody needs to call me or ask for a torpedo. The fact that the payments are so fast gives us the opportunity to request a discount. We can get things done cheaper.
Uğur İbrahim Altay emphasized one of the important projects planned for Seljuk:
- We will make a congress and culture center with 20 halls. Tabanlıoğlu Architecture has prepared its project.
- With what investment you will make the congress and cultural center?
- There will be an investment cost of 50 million lira.
- Why congress center? What will this congress center bring to Seljuk?
- High Speed ​​Train (YHT), Konyaya, the suburb of Ankara has turned Seljuks. 1.5 from Ankara to Konya. We believe that we can attract important congresses to Konya, our district. There are hotels that fit, and new ones will come.
- When will you be able to put it into service?
- This year we will lay the foundation at the beginning of summer. We open it in the summer of 2013.

On one hand, being the capital of the Seljuk civilization…

On the other hand, the most important value of Konya is Hz. Maulana ...

When steps towards congress tourism are added to these values, Selçuk seems to stand out with Konya to which it is affiliated.

Source: Hürriyet



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