Ukraine manufactures two storey wagons! Target 2013

📩 24/11/2018 11:49

Ukraine is preparing to produce two-storey wagons.

According to Korrespondent, the Kryukovskiy Wagon Factory in Kremanchuk (Poltava Region) will produce two-storey wagons for Ukrainian railways.

According to the news, the first two-storey carriage is expected to leave the production line 2013 year.

20 Kryukovsky Wagon Factory, which exports wagons to the country, is known as the only factory that produces freight and passenger cars in the CIS region at the same time.

Ukrzaliznitsa (Ukraine Railways) by the 2011 opened the two-storey train transportation tender Skoda Vagonka won the Czech Republic.

These trains to be produced by Skoda Vagonka are for short distances.

Source: Korrespondent

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