Turkey Wagon Industry Co. 2012 Message

2011 year; As a year full of new products, new markets, record sales revenue, high efficiency and profitability, we are justifiably proud of the farewell.
This year, the intensive effort and effort since the 2003 has been a result of the strategic transformation we have been targeting.
In 2011, we fully realized the production of domestic first Diesel Train Set; 19 was launched on April 2011 at a ceremony that was held by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The sets of hatt ANADOLU m, which were delivered to TCDD in the series 3, continue to serve with great appreciation of the people on the Izmir-Tire line.
In 2011, our 144 vehicle company related to the Marmaray Project was completed and delivered. Taking part in the biggest transportation project of the century, Marmaray, has given TÜVASAŞ a respected qualification for global markets.
Our v production for the world dönüş statement, which is expressed in our vision, has been transformed into the production of 2011 luxury wagons for the Bulgarian Railways in 30, and our 60 annual production, repair and modernization culture; quality, comfort and advanced technologies, our products have been opened to the world markets and moved to the railways of a member country of the European Union.
In addition, in this project, our company is certified by the British Correl Rail Company, an internationally accredited company, according to TSI (Technical Specification for Interoperability - European Union Railways Mutual Operability Technical Requirements) standards. With this document, our company will be the first organization to receive the TSI certificate within the scope of conventional wagons in Europe, and therefore these wagons can freely travel in all countries of the European Union.
Within the scope of the modernization projects, 2011 units of the K30 and 30 units of the K10 sleepers were completely renewed and air-conditioned and delivered to TCDD.
As a result of our 2011 activities, year-end sales revenue reached a record level in TÜVASAŞ's history.
All of our friends have contributions from the lowest to the highest level in the formation of a TÜVASAŞ painting, which has extended to its region with its roots and with its determined plans and projects to the future and to the whole world. The architect of this success is the TÜVASAŞ family. I would like to thank all my colleagues for their efforts; congratulations.
Our goal for 2012 is that this success continues to increase. The world is changing its shell in both economic and strategic conjuncture. For this reason, TÜVASAŞ will follow the developments in its sector closely and continue its path with the vision of making production for the whole world. Our strategic management approach, modern production techniques and the market infrastructure we create will always keep TÜVASAŞ fit and updated.
TÜVASAŞ has now become the 1950 Rail Vehicle Production Base from the Wagon Repair Shop at 2010. 2012 year; It will carry TÜVASAŞ not only to the future but also to the strategic goals of the distant future.

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