TCDD will set up earthquake warning system for high speed trains in 2013 on railway route with earthquake risk

The railways made it necessary to have the equipment to detect the earthquake warning system in the 6 High Speed ​​Train set that it would buy later.

 According to the AA correspondent on information received from the TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman, High Speed ​​Trains, Thanks to this system started the installation work in Turkey, earthquake sent by the sensor by detecting the early warning alert sudden brakes duracak.kar Bremen, TCDD Eskisehir after the Ankara-Istanbul He stated that they are in cooperation with Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute in Eskişehir-Istanbul stage of the High Speed ​​Line.

Karaman stated that they are carrying out an earthquake warning system for the route, which is an earthquake zone within the scope of the study, and emphasized that the infrastructure of the project is in the stage of completion and the superstructure leg will be taken with the signaling and communication part.

Karaman stated that Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute provided consultancy services to TCDD regarding how this system should be with the service procurement work, and that the institute will determine the technical criteria regarding the subject.

Stating that the cooperation with Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute has become official this year, Karaman has determined the technical criteria of Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute and finalized the specification.
the tender part of the work will be performed concurrently with the project.

Referring to the fact that this study is only valid for Eskişehir-Istanbul stage, Karaman stated that the project can be expanded according to the result to be obtained.

-To start implementing the target at the end of 2013-

Stating that earthquake sensors will be placed at certain points on the railway at intervals of 5 kilometers, Karaman explained that the sensors will give an alarm based on the magnitudes to be determined. Karaman said, “Our information transmission infrastructure will be established according to the criteria set by them. The signal will be transmitted from here to the traffic control centers and through them to the trains and will enable the trains to be stopped technically. "This is the essence of the project."

Karaman continued: “Normally, the high-speed train has all safety systems related to traffic.
In addition to this, an earthquake warning system is added with the application we will make, since we are an earthquake country. As soon as the sensors sense that it is coming to the limit, it will instruct the point that receives the warning as 'stop' or 'lower speed'. The system can reduce the speed or stop the train when the driver is sick, if there is a heating in the wheels of the train or there is a problem with the engine.

The cost of the project will be determined according to the technical specifications determined by the institute. The targeted completion time for the project is the end of 2013. " Karaman stated that it is mandatory to have equipment that will detect the earthquake warning system in the 6 High Speed ​​Train sets to be purchased, adding that Japan applies this application mostly in the world and that the system is used in several lines of China.

Source: AA



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