TCDD Foundation Foundation Raytur Travel Agency organizes very special tours in 2012 D

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Classic bed with private bed and the Black Sea Tour u

Spain… Russia… Italy Tours İspanya

YHT and Konya and Eskişehir tours Y

TCDD Foundation Establishment Raytur Travel Agency organizes a Balkan tour between April 20 and May 4, 2012, again by private sleeper train upon intense demand. The tour will last 15 days; It covers 7 countries including Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia.

Gap Tour with Special Bed and Black Sea Tour Özel

GAP Tour to be carried out by private sleeper train; It includes the provinces of Adıyaman - Diyarbakır - Mardin - Midyat - Şanlıurfa - Gaziantep - Hatay - İskenderun.

Black Sea Tour; Ankara - Sivas - Amasya - Samsun - Ordu - Giresun - Trabzon - Rize and Erzincan provinces.

In addition to enjoying the private train ride, Ray-Tur offers the opportunity to get to know the historical past, the culture and the cuisine of the cities that cover the tour. The five-star hotel has been designed with the comfort of the passengers on the special train.

An Andalusia tour from Ankara between 4-9 April 2012 (Sevilla - Cordoba - Granada - Malaga - Ronda and Marbella); On 5-10 April 2012, direct private plane tour sales continue to Barcelona (Barcelona - Andorra - Girona Figueres - Salvador Dali - Montserra and Sitges).

In addition, sales of Russia - Volga River Tour, Central Europe and Italy tours continue.

On the other hand, Raytur also organizes day tours to Eskişehir and Konya by High Speed ​​Train.

Source: TCDD

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