TCDD announced the details of Başkentray Project

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TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman said that the suburban transportation in Ankara will be increased to the metro level by spending about half a billion dollars and will be integrated with other rail systems. -Karaman said, “When the Başkentray Project, which has been carried out since August 1, when the suburban trains have been removed from the service, will finish every 2.5 minutes in the capital Ankara and will carry 200 thousand people a day.”

ANKARA (ANKA) - The capital city, whose population is based on 5 million people, is being upgraded to a competitive level with the subways, which cannot be thrown out of the city in 1970, except for the rehabilitation.
TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman, Turkey, one of the largest integrated transportation projects and of public transport on a daily 33 thousand passenger capacity per day 200 thousand people aiming to reach the BAŞKENTRAY projects announced to ANKA details of the first part.

TCDD General Manager Karaman said that the suburban transportation in Ankara will be increased to the metro level by spending approximately half a billion dollars and will be integrated with other rail systems.

Karaman noted that they are aware that they are troubling especially those who live on the suburban route in the studies related to the Başkentray Project, which has been carried out since August 1, 2011, when the suburban trains have been removed from the service. "Every 15 minutes, a train will depart every hour and will carry 2.5 thousand people a day."


According to the information given by TCDD General Manager Karaman, a new YHT Station is being built in Etimesgut Emirler with Başkentray Project. A new YHT and suburban train station is built next to the existing station in the area where the historical Ankara Station is located, integrated with each other and other metro systems. Within the scope of Başkentray project's first part construction process, 3 main arteries underpass and overpass are constructed between Ankara and Sincan by TCDD General Directorate and 5 by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.
Pointing out that he has always been in a position to give land to various public institutions and organizations, as in the Ankara Palace of Justice, Karaman said, “Now this situation has been reversed. TCDD Etimesgut / Emirler took the YHT station area from the Privatization Administration and added it to its inventory. ”


TCDD General Manager Karaman noted that with the Capital Ankara Başkentray Project, the railway line between Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş is being reconstructed by increasing the number of lines between Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş in order to achieve suburban management at metro standards. Karaman said:

“Travel time will be shorter with the YHT set between Başkentray and Ankara Sincan. YHT travel time, which is 19 minutes on the existing rail line between Ankara and Sincan, will be reduced to 9 minutes by decreasing 10 minutes. This reduced time will reduce the travel time of YHT between Ankara and Eskişehir to 1 hour and 5 minutes. YHT duration between Ankara and Konya will also decrease to 1 hour and 15 minutes.


4 road between Ankara and Beykoz, 2 high speed train, 2 railway line for 2 units and 6 units for conventional trains, 3 road between Behiçbey Sincan, 2 for high speed train, 2 units for suburban and 1 units 5 railway line will be built.
Between Ankara and Kayas, the existing 2 units will be built on 1 rail, including 1 units and 4 units.


Suburban stops, which are still 25 between Sincan-Ankara and Kayaş, will be brought to the metro standard. Pedestrian underpasses for passenger transportation to the stops are planned in two directions. Indoor areas, open and closed area lighting systems, visual formatting and greening works will be carried out for the passengers to wait in the platforms. Suburban stations will be made available to citizens with disabilities. The suburban station will be built for the handicapped citizens, by constructing escalators and elevators, just like in the metro.


TCDD General Manager Karaman stated that when the Başkentray Project is completed, all the railway lines will be put to the tender as in the subway, and the entire existing railway corridor between Kayaş-Ankara-Sincan will be put into the tender. In the regions where the settlements are dense, sound curtains will be placed in the biddings. Thanks to these sound curtains, the noise of the trains, which will travel every 2.5 minutes, will be absorbed without creating environmental pollution. ”


According to the information given by TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, closed station areas will be created in Sincan, Lale, Etimesgut, Hippodrome, Yenişehir Mamak and Kayaş, where passengers can easily meet their needs such as food and book newspapers. In Yenişehir station in the city center, closed modern living centers will be built on the other 6 stations.


Ankara Station and its surroundings will be reorganized and the new YHT station and Suburban station, which will be constructed with the existing Ankara Station, will be connected by underpasses and overpasses. With the Başkentray project, integration with other metro systems will be provided in Ankara Station. Namely, there will be a connection with Ankaray in the direction of Maltepe Tandoğan at the Ankara station with Keçiören metro. Connection will be provided with Başkent Metro at Yenişehir Suburban station and Ankaray at Kurtuluş Station.


The connection between the current Ankara Railway Station and the capital Ray suburban platform and YHT Gar and Celal Bayar Boulevard will be done by TCDD. The connection between Keçiören Metro and Ankaray will be made by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Within the underground passage to be constructed within the scope of Başkentray Project, a walking pass system will be provided and a comfortable transition will be provided.

According to the Başkentray project, the connection from the Yenişehir Suburb Station to the Capital City Suburb Station was provided. From the exit of the Yenişehir train station in the direction of Sıhhiye Bridge, passengers will be transported to Batıkent Metro Sıhhiye station with an opening and closing of about 130 meters. In the passage, walkway systems and lighting systems were installed in the tunnel to ensure comfortable access of the passengers.

According to the Başkentray project, the connection between Ankaray Kurtuluş Station was provided at Başkentray Kurtuluş Station and the connection of the passengers was provided in this way.


Stating that crossing between Kayaş-Ankara-Sincan and Başkentray Project, especially the crossroads, one of the biggest invitees of traffic accidents, especially at the farm intersection, will be history, Karaman said, “Underpasses and overpasses are being constructed in a way to relieve road vehicle traffic as well.”


As a result of the interviews with the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the General Manager of TCDD stated that they had previously abandoned the idea of ​​demolishing and rebuilding the Marşandiz Bridge on the existing Anatolian Boulevard, but that they had decided to demolish and rebuild the bridge in the following situation.

“The Celal Bayar Boulevard vehicle underpass Gazi AOÇ Vehicle overpass, which is being constructed by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, will be taken to the south by passing through our line as a verevli (inclined) road near TIGEM, between verevli (inclined) Gazi and Marşandiz stations. Şaşmaz highway overpass will be built by the Metropolitan Municipality.

The construction of Lale underpass, which is one of the highway underpasses, has been completed by the General Directorate of TCDD. The level crossing at the entrance of the station is designed as an overpass at the request of the General Staff and will be built within the scope of the Başkentray project. ”


Source: (ANKA)

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