Sarıkamış-Çıldır lake railway proposal

Sarikamis, the Davos of the Caucasus, was deprived of interest and investment. The values ​​were destroyed, emptied and pushed aside. One of the most beautiful lands in the world, unfortunately, is wasted. However, a part of these Olympics, therefore some facilities should be made in Kars and Sarikamis. Sarıkamış and Kars became victims of lack of ownership.

Certain values ​​such as Ceramics Workshop, Katerina Mansion should be saved immediately. These studies, both the employment and the number of beds, will change the face of our eminent district.

Sarıkamış winter tourism area should be connected with Çıldır Lake. Day tours between the railway system and Sarıkamış - Çıldır Lake should be diversified.

Source: Political Accumulation



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