Integrated Public Transport Project to Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, Adapazari Train Station and the new terminal between the light rail system will implement the first phase, he said.

Speaking at the visit of the delegation headed by Muzaffer Elmas, the Rector of SAU, Mr. Toçoğlu stated that they carried out a study in harmony with Sakarya University (SAU) and that the partnership created a great synergy.

Stating that they gave information to the SAU delegation about the Integrated Public Transport Project and received their opinions, Toçoğlu said, “Unfortunately, there is a perception that the station will be moved completely in Sakarya. There is no such thing. I want to make this clear. We are working for the trains running between Adapazarı and Istanbul to arrive at the new train station that we are planning to build at the new terminal. We will implement the first stage of the light rail system between the existing train station and the new terminal. It is out of question to convert the land of the existing train station into a commercial area, ”he said.

Rector of SAU Dr. Muzaffer Elmas said the municipality is working on a very important project for the city and said that they are the followers of every step taken for the city.

Stating that they exchanged views on the work carried out, Elmas said, “There was an impression in the public that the train station would be completely removed. However, as a result of our talks today, we have learned that the train station will not be completely removed from its current location. This is a good development. Protection of the station is important for Sakarya. We, as SAU, support the project under these conditions ”.

Pointing out that the light rail system is a very important development for Sakarya, Elmas emphasized that they are ready to do their part for the Marmaray Project to come to Sakarya.

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