Railways Ready for 2023

The vision of the transportation system of our country was determined at the International 10 Transport Council. Important decisions were taken for the railways. A map of the transport system was drawn. In the context of these decisions; 2023 billion dollars of 350 billion dollars will be allocated to the transportation sector by 45. In this context;
* Completion of 2bin 622 km high-speed train network with 2012.
* Up to 2023 10 thousand km high-speed rail network construction.
* By 2023 4 is aimed to build a thousand km conventional new line.

In this context, a double-line high-speed train line with 450 km length will be constructed between Konya and Antalya. We are also planning the YHT line between Antalya and Alanya. The travel time between Ankara and Antalya will be 2,5 hours. In other words, a person who gets on high-speed train from Ankara in the morning will swim in Antalya and will be able to come back home in the evening. Or someone who has a job in a government office in Ankara will be able to travel from Ankara to Ankara. We are expecting 5 to travel annually in Antalya YHT, which will make a great contribution to tourism in our country. These are not dreams. These projects will be implemented as in Eskişehir and Konya. The high-speed train is a revolution in our transportation system. YHT line built from Edirne to Kars from Antalya to Trabzon edildikçe a completely different Turkey will emerge.

As a result of the commencement of the operation of logistics centers, an increase of approximately 10 million tons is targeted in the railway transportation. On the other hand, we provide cheap and safe transportation services by bringing the organized industrial zones of the economy together with the main railway lines. While the number 2002 2002 OSB and freight railway line connecting the center to the main railway In the 281 2010 reached xnumx'y. In addition, we have made improvements to the 452 level crossing at the intersection of the railway with the highway. The 3.476 level crossing was controlled. After these studies, a significant reduction in level crossing accidents was achieved.

Source: TCDD



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