Establishment of National Qualification System and Voc-Test Center in Railway Transportation Sector

The European Union and Turkey, funded by the Republic and conducted by the Vocational Qualifications Authority, "Empowerment Project of Vocational Qualifications Authority and National Qualifications System in Turkey" (UYEP), which is within the scope VOC-Test Centers Grant Program.

With the Project, National Competencies of 15 Profession and 17 Professionals will be prepared, and Examination and Certification Center will be established.

General Destination
To provide formal and non-formal vocational education and training appropriate to labor market needs,
Support lifelong learning,
To strengthen the relationship between education and employment;
Facilitate compliance with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

Special Destination
In line with the European Qualifications Framework, 11 establish and / or develop and operate VOC-Test Centers in the priority sector in order to establish and operate an effective and sustainable National Qualification System (NSS) by establishing an appropriate assessment, measurement and certification system.


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