A radical solution to level crossings where fatal accidents occur

In Manisa, the governorship took action after three people died in train accidents in the last two weeks. Manisa Municipality will find a radical solution to the problem experienced by building three lower and three overpasses to level crossings. Underpasses and overpasses will be completed within three months.

Governor Halil İbrahim Daşöz, after the train accident that occurred in the city center in the last two weeks and caused the death of three people, made an investigation in the areas where the accidents occurred. Deputy Mayor Azmi Açıkdil, Police Director Yunus Çetin and Railway officials also attended the examination of Governor Daşöz.

After the review of the Governor Daşöz, citizens to be careful when crossing the railroads, check if the train is not possible to be an accident, said the accident. Calling on the citizens to be more careful as they pass by the railway, Daşöz stated that the three sub- and three overpass projects prepared by the municipality will be rooted in the problem after completion of the 3 month.

Stating that there are various problems and frequent accidents at the railway crossings, Governor Daşöz said that many people lost their lives in these accidents. Stating that Manisa Municipality and the Directorate of Railways have good works at these points, Daşöz said, “Our Municipality has planned a total of six crossings, three overpasses and three underpasses. They will be tendered in a short time. Probably all of these will end within three to four months. During this period, we ask our citizens to be careful while using these crossings, to cross them after they are sure of security by looking left and right. When these investments are completed, they will be relieved. But the places where the railroad and the highway intersect are always places that require attention. Even if there is a passage, they are still places to be careful. We request that our Municipality, Railways Directorate and Police Department act quickly and in full cooperation. But basically the solution is through the overpass. " found the assessment.

Deputy Mayor Azmi Açıkdil also stated that there will be an overpass in Akpınar, Adnan Menderes, Hafsa Sultan on the Nurlupınar side, Barbaros and Nurlupınar and an underpass across the Mental Health and Diseases Hospital.

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