New era in train operation begins

According to Turkey's 2012 program year will begin a new era in TCDD train operations. Accordingly, the TCDD monopoly in railways will be eliminated and the private sector will be able to operate trains.

Preparing for a regulation that will pave the way for the private sector in railway transportation, TCDD was awarded with EcorysResearchandConsulting Ltd. within the scope of the "Turkish Railways Reform" project with a budget of 3 million 168 thousand Euros. signed a contract with its consortium. In the privatization process, a strategy and action plan will be prepared with the consortium that will provide consultancy to TCDD, which sets out the framework conditions to realize the railway reform in accordance with the draft legislation package.

Preparing to pave the way for the private sector, TCDD started to receive consultancy services in this process. Turkey-EU Financial Cooperation within the framework of Turkey's alignment with the EU acquis created by the European Commission to provide financial support "Reform of Turkish Railways" under the project ecorysresearchandconsulting Ltd. Agreement was signed with the consortium led by The project creates the framework conditions for the restructuring and reform of the railways, including infrastructure allocation, pricing, safety and interoperability systems within TCDD, in order to open the Turkish railway sector to competition in accordance with the EU Acquis.

Action plan to be created

With the project, a strategy and action plan will be created that sets out the framework conditions for the restructuring and strengthening of the Turkish railway sector. Infrastructure allocation and billing systems, network notifications, Safety Management Systems belonging to the business units, railway safety and EU members revealed differences between states with Turkey on interoperability "gap analysis" and the ranking will be laid on the table of projects designed to address these differences. In the new TCDD, TCDD's capacity for infrastructure allocation and pricing will be strengthened in order to fulfill the tasks of 'infrastructure management', including the establishment of an infrastructure allocation and pricing system and the development of network notification. Again, with the development of 'infrastructure management' and 'Safety Management System' for 'railway operators', the capacity for railway safety and interoperability will be strengthened.

154 leaves annual monopoly right

Turkey's program for the year 2012 was determined by the radical goals in the transport sector next year. TCDD monopoly in railways will be abolished next year, train operation of the private sector will be provided. Freight transport will be liberalized in order to benefit from the operational advantages of the private sector, and TCDD will be restructured to bring the financial burden on the public to a sustainable level. rail connection lines mainly for industrial organized zones will be held in partnership with the private sector investment in railways and vehicles in bırakılacak.türkiye 154 years the private sector has the right to TCDD freight and passenger transportation.

The Council of State annulled the regulation

In 2005, TCDD issued a regulation for the private sector to operate on railways. However, the Council of State annulled this regulation and stated that this was a privatization. The law warned that the private sector should carry out passenger and cargo transportation.

“The private sector wants to move its goods on its own”

With the railway, which was on the decline last year, it is expected that the freight transport will reach 25,3 million tons and the passenger transport will reach 103 million by the end of this year. TCDD officials stated that the interest in railways has increased due to the start of high-speed trains, “The goal of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication for 2023 is to increase the railway network to 10 km by making 546 km high-speed train and 3 km conventional line. In the last 985 years, 25 thousand 536 km of rail has been renewed. The quality of the railways has improved. The private sector now wants to transport its goods on renewed roads. He wants to enter passenger transport. "We are planning to build new railway lines with the money earned here." 7 million passengers were transported by high-speed trains 5 million passengers were transported on Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya YHT lines from the beginning (449 March 4,8) to October 13. In 2009, it is aimed to carry a total of 2011 million passengers on these YHT lines.


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