The ship from Marmaray excavations will be rebuilt and launched.

A dream came true with the Marmaray project and two birds were hit with one stone. Thanks to this project, the hidden history under Istanbul also surfaced.

In this respect, the excitement of the University of Istanbul Yenikapı Shipwrecks Research Center is now at the top iler Scientists who take great care of every part of the shipwrecks in the Marmaray excavations, to achieve a miracle.

Marmaray Shipwrecks Project Manager Assoc. Dr. Ufuk Kocabaş said, aş We process the ships on the basis of parts. This is a great work, but there are thousands of objects when you think about Yenikapı excavations. These include the sunken ship 36. From the period of Neolithic people to the present, 8.500 footprints came out of the year before. Ne

Interest in Conservation

The fragments of the shipwrecks found among the ruins were removed one by one. Parts of the ship in question are protected by a very interesting method. Japanese fish are used for this protection. The fish in question protect the ships from the worms and mosquitoes.

Ship to be rebuilt

Marmaray Shipwrecks Project President Assoc. Dr. Ufuk Kocabaş said, kadar The saw has been cut, the ax was cut, made with a chisel, the saw was cut with the saw between the teeth of the master, right-handed, left-handed or until we can use them to analyze these details. With this material, the ship will be rebuilt and everything will be original gemi.

The three-dimensional view of the ship was obtained with the data obtained. The next process in the construction of the ship will almost become an event.

Assoc. Dr. Ufuk Kocabaş said, inşa We are planning to build this ship together with the Istanbul Archaeological Museums or in the garden of their archeology museum in the garden of Istanbul University. We want to build a series of activities, and we're thinking of finally launching it where 1.200 came from years ago. Bir

Source: TRT

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