SEEs will invest 8,5 billion lira this year, the lion's share of TCDD

The State Economic Enterprises (SEEs) will invest about 8,5 billion pounds this year. The most investor will be TCDD with 4 billion pounds 112 billion while the KIT.

According to the 2012 Year Investment Program data, the amount of investment allowance allocated for SEEs increased by 2012 compared to last year. Last year, the figure was at the level of 14 billion liras.

TCDD was the first among the SEEs that will make the most investments this year, as in previous years with the 4 billion 112 million pounds allocated for this year.

TCDD, 928 million pounds, General Directorate of Electricity Generation Inc. and 718 million pounds are followed by TPAO.

This year, the General Directorate of Turkey Electricity Transmission Company million pounds 650, 500 million pounds BOTAŞ General Directorate, General Directorate of State Airports Authority 433 700 thousand million pounds, the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises will invest 220 million pounds.

The Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) will invest in 183 million pounds, and the General Directorate of Eti Mine Operations will invest an investment of 172 million pounds.

The lion's share again

2012 in 61,5 will generate 5 for transportation-communication investments. This year, 208 billion XNUMX million pounds investment for transportation and communication is envisaged.

1 billion pounds of energy with 502,6 million pounds, 1 million pounds of mining, 429,3 million pounds of agriculture, 302,4 million pounds of agriculture and 19,5 million liras with public investments in social services will follow.

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