Children to Go to School with Cable Car

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gokcek, AK Party Keçiören District Organization 4. Participated in the Ordinary Congress. Gokcek, in his speech here, will lead to many applications that will please the Kecioren said.

Turkey's most important school project, MAG stating that applied for the first time in Kecioren, "will be held 15 many different schools in Ovacik. These will always be high school. There will also be gyms, different living spaces. 15 high school in Keçiören will be moved here. All those high schools will be converted into primary school. Therefore, the quality of education will increase. The 36 person is currently studying in the grades. It is imperative that these classes be given both to abandon dual instruction and to go down to 20. When this is done 30 will read there at the same time a thousand people. the children will work on various transport systems including the ropeway to ensure easy access to the region. We have committed to make this infrastructure as Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Secondly, we will agree with the citizens who want the zoning right from us. We take the schools as donations and we will complete all these schools in 3-4 years and I hope we will build these complexes. Okul

Source: gimsahaber



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