Karabük University About Rail Systems Engineering


Turkey's first goal of the Department of Railway Systems Engineering, enough about our country's railway systems and technologies to meet the needs of trained engineers with skills; to prepare students for a successful engineering career by giving them the ability to apply their knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to problems in this field.

To be able to determine, formulate, model, analyze and solve the problems of rail systems engineering, and to make the experimental design and to analyze and interpret the results.


It is a group of disciplines that combines mechanical engineering, electrical-electronics engineering and civil engineering departments within the department of rail systems engineering. In addition to the basic level machine, electrical-electronic and civil engineering trainings, the components of the infrastructure of rail systems technologies and their application areas will be taught to our students who will study in this field as rail systems engineering. When they graduate, they will respond to the needs of our country's long-term rail systems engineer according to their area of ​​specialization.


One of the areas where our country has been lagging for many years, is to bring the technologies of rail systems to the level of today's technologies, to develop and develop the current studies in this field together with the experts who have a say in the field of rail systems of our region and to train the future rail systems engineers in line with the needs of our country and our world.

Source: muh.karabuk.edu.tr