Kadıköy-The countdown has started in the Eagle subway

One of the most important solutions to the traffic problem of the Anatolian side. Kadıköy98% of Kartal Metro is completed. Only minor touches at the stations and landscaping at the stops remained.

In the subway, the most disabled citizens were considered and suitable walking routes were made.
5 16 station takes place on the line ending in the year, the line will be in the near future will extend to Pendik and Kaynarca.

Kartal KadıköyThe subway, which reaches Istanbul in 29 minutes and will carry 1.5 million Istanbulites per day, is resistant to 9 magnitude earthquakes in accordance with the latest earthquake regulations and was built according to this risk.


144 passengers will be able to transport a total of 4 passengers in the 1084 train series.

All vehicles are manufactured in accordance with the driver-free operation.

In this way, operations such as parking at night, the repair-maintenance workshop, such as operations, the control center will be made by an operator and without driver.

This will give the business economy and flexibility. There are intermediate passageways between the wagons.

It will be possible to distribute passengers homogeneously in a train consisting of 4 wagons.

The cars are equipped with heating, cooling and ventilation. In-car and off-road, closed-circuit camera system for passenger safety.

There will be digital indicators showing which direction to go outside the vehicle.

There will be a hangi Dynamic Road Map g showing the passengers on the door in the wagon, the station which is going to the station, the stations left behind and the information on line with the passengers on different lines.

This route map will show the transfer points to other transport systems.
Each vehicle will have 8 passenger information screen (LCD screen) to inform passengers and use them for advertising purposes.

There will be fire insulators with vibration and sound insulation for a comfortable journey.

Kadıköy- When the Kartal metro line is completed (other lines such as Marmaray, Yenikapı-Hacıosman, Otogar-Bağcılar-İkitelli lines are completed) journey times for someone who takes the metro from Kartal. Kadıköy 29 minutes, Üsküdar 35 minutes, Yenikapı 47 minutes, Taksim 55 minutes, Bus Station 66 minutes, Hacıosman 79 minutes, Airport 79 minutes, Olympic Stadium will be 89 minutes.

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