The people of Izmir also suggested 'crazy' projects

AK Party Izmir Deputy, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım set off with the slogan '12 Izmir 35 projects' before the 35 June elections. The minister rolled up the sleeves to make projects a reality. This time, the project from Izmir was pouring into the "I have an idea for Izmir" section of Yıldırım's website. The citizens of Izmir shared their ideas about sea transportation, metro, rail system and highways in their messages. Here are some projects proposed to the Minister:

  • TÖ: The bay is cleared and the beaches and hotels (such as Rio De Jenerio) from Bostanlı to Narlıdere are a destination of Kadifekale. Virgin Mary statue, Ephesus ruins and high-speed train to Virgin Mary from Alsancak Port. It will be like Çankaya Times Square. Karşıyaka The bazaar will extend to Bostanlı, and a tram can be placed like Taksim. Tourists can be attracted by introducing places such as Çeşme and Alaçatı. 10-20 buildings like Hilton can be built. Bridge between Bostanlı Güzelyalı and huge sculptures in the middle of the sea…
  • Another Izmirian: Hz. Virgin Mary statue, Ephesus ruins and high-speed train to Virgin Mary from Alsancak Port. Combining Çankaya Times Square with the islands around it and moving the passenger port here to create a free city. There is no need to make artificial island like Dubai. The 3 islands here are sufficient for the necessary infrastructure. In the village to be built in Güzelbahçe, an entertainment and culture center will be created in the style of the characteristic home architecture of all world nations. For example Chinese house, Indian house, Japanese house, Finland, Indian tent, Mongolian house etc.
  • BT: In Izmir, there should be tours with buses that can go down to the water in the bay. I saw this in Rotterdam. YoutubeThere are also examples, Mr. Minister. For your information.
  • M.Ö: Building a bridge instead of a tube passage into the Gulf would be a road to the heart of İzmirli… Bayraklı By converting slums with Gulf views on their backs to urban transformation, they will build million dollars of villas in the forest and give the tourists who come with cruise tourism a great pleasure. Of course, our image of shame will also be deleted for us, the people of Izmir.
  • Ç.A: I am a CHP voter. I have a suggestion that I think is important. Turkey projects to protect the environment and increase green. The basis of my proposal is as follows: Every citizen who builds a house is obliged to plant a sapling per square meter. For example, a person who will build a house of 100 square meters should get a building license after planting a tree type that the state directorate calls 'the local conditions' in the place determined by the state. It's that simple… I wrote this to the CHP, but it didn't attract attention.


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