İzmir Metropolitan Municipality increased its transportation investments by 2011 percent in 22

Metropolitan and its affiliates made an actual investment of 727 million 857 thousand liras in Izmir last year. Thus, the total investment in the last 8 years has reached the limit of 4 billion liras.

In 2011, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started dozens of new investments, from urban transformation to new highway storey crossings, from treatment facilities to new recreation areas, and completed many projects. In the same period, the total investment of the Metropolitan Municipality, which realized the tender of many projects and brought many projects to the investment stage, was announced as 2011 million 727 thousand TL together with Eshot and İZSU General Directorate. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality invested 857 million 2011 thousand liras in 530. The investment amount of the municipality, which made an actual investment of 376 million 465 thousand TL in the previous year, increased by approximately 419 percent compared to the previous year. İZSU broke the investment record of the last 14 years. The amount of investment, which was 8 million in 2004, rose to 28 million 2011 thousand liras in 194. The investment amount of Eshot General Directorate in 542 was 2011 million 2 thousand liras.
Thus, the amount of investment with the subsidiaries of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality increased by 21.96 percent compared to the previous year. In the last 8 years, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has made an actual investment of 3 billion 899 million 21 thousand liras in Izmir.

“We are taking firm steps”

Stating that they are one step closer to the local development target every year with the investments and projects they realize, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “İzmir has hand in hand. For the sake of creating an even more developed Izmir, we are walking confidently to the future. "We will continue to work with an investor understanding of local government that will embrace all segments of the city and raise the living standards of the city and the city."

What has been done in the last year?
As the biggest public transportation project in the history of the Republic, the 80-kilometer Aliağa-Menderes Suburban System, which was brought to the city with the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, was put into service.

Work has started for 30 stations and 4 highway crossings on the 7 km additional line that will extend the Aliağa Menderes Suburb to Torbalı.

İzmir Suburban System within the scope of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka tunnel and upper arrangement were put into service.

The first batch of new wagons bought by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to be used in the expanded metro system came to Izmir.

The construction of the Üçyol-Üçkuyular metro line continued at full speed. Bornova-Evka 3 subway is completed.

Mansion and Karşıyaka tramway application projects have been completed. The project works of Buca tram started.

The implementation projects of the Hilal Commuter Transfer Station were completed.
Redesigning the beach from Mavişehir to İnciraltı, the people of Izmir

preparatory work initiated in order to ensure that the


Şemikler, Yeni Airport Street, Akıncılar, Monopoly Houses 2. Main Jet Base, Balatçık 8788 street, 3 in Aydın Hatboyu Street (Dokuz Eylül, Major Reşat Bey, Seyhan neighborhoods), Pedestrian overpasses in Küçükada and Çınarlı Mahallesi 1561 Sokak. done.

The Gaziemir Neighborhood Garage, which serves as a garage and parking lot and a transfer center, was put into service.

The foundations of Evka-5 and Ulukent Köprülü Intersection were laid on Anadolu Caddesi. Studies are continuing rapidly.

The tender process for the purchase of 15 modern steamboat to strengthen the Gulf transportation was initiated.
The General Directorate of Eshot bought 150 bus.
20 units were purchased by General Directorate of İzulaş.

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