İZBAN tender for 40 EMU suburban trains kazanThe moment the company became Hyundai ROTEM

İZBAN 40 EMUs: -South Korean company Hyundai Rotem awarded the tender for 30 sets of trains opened by İZBAN, which has been operating in suburban areas on the Menderes line since 2010 August 40, in order to provide comfortable and fast service. kazanWhile, according to the tender specifications, 25 percent domestic sub-industry materials will be used in the new sets.

10 company 2011 40 October 7 179 XNUMX October XNUMX XNUMX firm tender for the tender, Hyundai Rotem, CAF and CSR Zhuzhou firms offered. The lowest bid XNUMX million 998 thousand 812 USD (Approximately 340 million TL) Hyundai Rotem company has the right to build the new trains of İZBAN. kazanwas. Following the signing of the contract, the trains will be in İzmir for 20 sets in the 3th month, 7 sets in the following 17 months, and 7 sets in the next 20 months.

40 set EMU commuter train unit in 45 million dollars (Approx. 85 million TL) that will be used in the domestic subsidiary industry, indicating that the General Manager Selçuk Sert, added value will contribute to the Turkish industry said.

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