The bomb sabotage planned to the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) in Ankara was prevented by a raid at Kırıkkale Station.

On the day of the bomb attack that resulted in the death of 5 people and the injury of 34 people in Ankara Kızılay, the investigation related to 1 kilogram of C-4 explosives seized in the operation carried out on the Kurtalan Express in Kırıkkale was reached. The bomb sabotage planned for High Speed ​​Train (YHT) in Ankara was prevented by a raid in Kırıkkale Train Station.

It turned out that the PKK / KCK group, carrying out sabotage against YHT in a very secret way, made encrypted speeches and messaging among themselves for the attack. The members of the organization were found to encrypt the bomb they brought from Diyarbakır as a "flower" to blow up the High Speed ​​Train. It was determined that the suspects recorded their mobile phones as "my love" for each other's names. The password of the PKK / KCK attack targeting the YHT, "Did Doorman Ahmet bring the money?" as it was encrypted.


A kilo of C-20 plastic explosives were found in an unclaimed passenger bag during a search on the Kurtalan Express, which was stopped by police on September 1 in Kırıkkale. It was understood that the bag that the passengers did not own belonged to Halil Bayık and Bayık was arrested. Ramazan P. and three others were arrested in the Diyarbakır leg of the operation, acting with Bayık.


During the investigation, the police resolved the codes of the attack designed in Ankara one by one. Accordingly, Halil Bayık would come to Ankara with the Kurtalan Express, where they would meet with members of the organization Ramazan P. in Kayaş and take action for action. Ramazan P. suspect called EY with his friends İ.A., on 19 September 2010. Thus, he confirmed whether Halil Bayık, who was the “courier” of the action, got on the train and that the plan worked without any problems. The members of the organization, who calculated everything to the finest detail, were unable to avoid technical follow-up. "Did the doorman Ahmet bring the money?" Stuck listening to the words "Okay brought the money" with


In the investigation, it was found that members of the organization will meet at Kayaş on the same day after the explosion of the vehicle loaded with bombs in Kumrular Street on September 20 in order to sabotage YHT. For the attack, Ramazan P. traveled from Diyarbakır by plane and Halil P. by train.

Ramazan P., who came to Ankara by plane, learned the bombing action in Kızılay in Ulus and panicked. Ramazan P. sent a message to Halil Bayık, who brought the bomb to Ankara by train, to destroy the plastic explosive, saying "My love, throw the flower" on his mobile phone. Bayık, on the other hand, stated that the train was delayed with the message "My love will come with a delay". In the statement of Ramazan P., questioned to the police, he admitted that he sent this encrypted message on the grounds that Halil B. could be caught after the explosion.


Ramazan P., who was planning and arrested for the protest against YHT, said in his statement: “Before we came to Ankara for an attack, our main task was to take action on team auto in Diyarbakır. On the Fırat Boulevard in Diyarbakır, together with Halil Bayık, we made three times the exploration of the police and team cars where and from which routes. In the discovery, we detected that the police vehicles and services passed that route in the morning and evening. We gave up the action with the concern that we are not professional in this matter and we get caught. The order came from the organization to hit the High Speed ​​Train in Ankara. The FY we caught in the same operation gave me a thousand lira for the action. If we could successfully attack, the organization promised to give us all kinds of support ”

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