The last time in Haydarpaşa today!

Due to the high-speed train works and the Marmaray Project at the historical Haydarpaşa Train Station, the flights are stopped from tomorrow.

While the flights from Ankara to Istanbul end yesterday, the last train from Istanbul leaves today. Fatih Express will depart from Haydarpaşa at 23.30:30. The station will remain closed for XNUMX months.

High Speed ​​Train (YHT) works between Ankara and Istanbul reached its final stage. Studies to be carried out with Marmaray will be completed in 2013. Bi-directional line with electric, signal, according to the latest technology. Due to the fact that the existing railway line will be used for the high speed train, flights are suspended.

In 1908, Sultan II. Built on the instructions of Abdülhamid as the starting point of the Istanbul-Baghdad railway, the garda will be the last time today. Nevzat Şahin, who said that the information that Haydarpaşa will be closed yesterday came, said that the station has a symbolic importance for Istanbul.

Stating that he has lived in Istanbul for 40 years, Ali Çorapçı drew attention to the historical texture of the station and said, “Haydarpaşa is one of the historical textures of Istanbul. It is at a point that connects Asia to Europe. ” he spoke.

The trainer Ayşen Yılmaz, who is among the passengers, also said that many students and citizens from this line went to many corners of Anatolia with the following words: “It is very wrong to close this building and many other historical buildings like this one and turn it into a shopping center. I am against this place being closed for the sake of income. We must protect our history, our essence. We hurt, we feel very sad. Open it as soon as possible. ”

One reaction to the closure of the station, though temporary, came from Ramazan Mutlu, who was going to Konya. Expressing that the travel cost increased, Mutlu said, “The aim is to make money for bus companies. My cost of going to Konya is 50 lira by train. I will come to Istanbul again next month. But this time I will have to come by bus. It costs about 150 lira. The citizen should not be victimized. ” he spoke. Suburban flights from Haydarpaşa Terminal will be held until June. In order to prevent the passengers from being victimized, bus services will be organized between Kocaeli and Istanbul.

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