Habipler-Topkapı tram route narrowed

Strange application in the old Edirne Asphalt lar The pavements and the median were extended more than the road, the roads were narrowed to good. Traffic lock around the clock. The nation is in revolts Millet

The latest fashion in the municipality, expanding the pavements and narrowing the roads lar They love to make pedestrian roads 4-5 meters and download the roads in a single lane. This project was first implemented in Güngören and Esenler. Ak Of course, in the two most densely populated areas of the city, the flow of the traffic from the single lane, or rather, was mixed up. Residents of both regions have been playing riots for months. However, municipal officials insist on telling how accurate and necessary this new system is.

Despite all the reaction of the citizens, "We have done," he came out of the work. The bad thing is that this strange road construction started in Güngören and Esenler is spreading wave. Now Edirnekapı Edirne Asphalt is revised. Pleasant editing this arrangement did not work or anything else. Habipler-Topkapı Tramway line passes through the Old Edirne Asphalt, as well as the pavements and the median were extended, and the narrow road became unobstructed. On top of that, the parking ban could not be applied. Roads, even curves, even if the vehicles are parked because of the traffic one lane thinking. Under normal conditions, the 5 can be folded in minutes, at best, it turns out UM

Municipal officials who cannot finish this new practice will see how they turn traffic into soup if they go to Old Edirne Asfaltı in the evening. Let's see if they can stand behind this arrangement!

Source: Habertürk

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