It was claimed that the stone quarries for the Geyve accident damaged the railway

Making a statement after the passenger train derailed in Sakarya's Geyve district on Sunday, Kamuran Tan, the President of the Association for the Preservation and Protection of Akıncı Village Valleys and Waterfalls, stated that the explosions in the quarries in the region and the over-tonnage freight trains caused great damage to the rails. . Measures should be taken before there is a disaster, ”he said.

Geyve district where two freight trains were derailed in the last three months. The line is in care because of the speed of the trains traveling at the 391 speed of the slow going to prevent a possible catastrophe.

Following the train accident, Akıncı Village Valleys, Life and Protection of Waterfalls Association President Kamuran Tan said that the railway rails in the region gave alarms and that urgent measures should be taken here.

Tan, who is known for his work in the region and describes himself as a nature volunteer, expressed that the people living in the region agree with him. Tan, who wrote a letter to President Abdullah Gül for the removal of the quarries in the Geyve Strait a while ago, said: “In that letter, we said that the quarries located here damaged the railway tracks. Explosions in the quarries here are loosening the railroad tracks. In addition, trains carrying sand and stones, which are overloaded, are almost invited to a disaster when they pass here. Three trains have derailed in this area in the last three months. We were worried when a passenger train would derail; Anadolu Express train derailed on Sunday. Thanks to God, the speed of the train was low and a great disaster was returned. "

Expressing that the quarries located in the Geyve Bosphorus have exploded stones above the legal limits, Tan continued his words as follows: “Here, human life is played with. We have passed the natural massacre and the life safety of the people living in the region, and the railway is now in danger. The train derailed on Sunday once again showed the seriousness of what we said. If measures are not taken urgently against these quarries, it is inevitable that there will be a disaster here. These quarries should be closed as soon as possible. "

Tan complained that although they had been fighting against the quarries for years with the citizens of the region, they could not be heard enough. Emphasizing that the ground on which the railway tracks were laid loosened, Tan completed his words as follows: “We lost 41 lives in the high-speed train accident that took place in Pamukova. If no action is taken here as soon as possible, there will be a new high-speed train case. There are huge casualties. We want this issue resolved urgently. If this problem is not solved now,

everyone who needs to take part in the solution will fall under the vebal. How big the danger is, it is clear that three trains are derailed in three months.

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