Istanbul will solve the Gebze-Haydarpasa Suburb problem!

Due to the High-Speed ​​Train project, the commuter trains running between Gebze and Haydarpaşa were stopped when the railway works started.

In this case, thousands of Gebze victims went to Istanbul. While the authorities in Gebze and Kocaeli remained silent on the issue, a statement came from Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş. "The problem will be solved by putting additional bus services," said Topbaş.
Topbaş spoke as follows: “An average of 140 thousand people are transported daily in the existing suburban lines. The efforts to adjust the rehabilitation work of the rails to the high-speed train will lock the system for not less than 2 years on this line. They are trying to run a program in order not to reveal much victimization by working here in places. Our people will be transported to the road, to the sea in places. We are working to solve this problem. Such a rehabilitation is also needed. A fresh system will be built. We attach great importance to this work. Eagle- Kadıköy There will be a little more relief as we will open the metro line to service. Those coming from Gebze and Izmit will have to transfer. Hopefully Istanbulites also show understanding. Additional buses will also be added.

Source: Target Newspaper



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