Will the Railway Come to Rize?

Enjoyment of Exploring Anatolia with the Touristic Orient Express Has Started
Enjoyment of Exploring Anatolia with the Touristic Orient Express Has Started

Trabzon Mayor Customs Union 'Trabzon to go to provinces other provinces' explanation of the reactions from Rize increased, while Rize Municipality council member Bilgili in an evaluation came from.

Discussions on the Erzincan – Trabzon railway project continue. While the reactions from Rize to Trabzon's mayor Gumrukcuoglu Project's statement 'We will not allow it to go to other provinces than Trabzon', Rize Municipality council member Bilgili made an assessment.
Railway to Rize

While the reactions of many non-governmental organizations, tradesmen and some political party representatives towards Gümrükçüoğlu in Rize increase day by day, this time Rize municipality AK Party municipal council member Dursun Bilgili used Trabzon mayor Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçuoğlu's words as “voluptuous” statements. evaluated.

Customs' s statements on the front of the AK Party for the first time came an evaluation of the statement. Expressing that the railway will go to Batumi, AK Party is the former central district board member and Rize Municipality council member Dursun Bilgili said ini This project is in our party's 2023 vision. I think the Mayor's statement might be a humble explanation. I do not think that this is a proper understanding for our region. I don't think our mayor will have such a negative understanding. Say

The project will include the whole region

Knowledgeable, “Our party 10. Transport is based on the decision taken in the construction of conventional new railway lines based on the 22,5 tone axle load of the average 100km / hour speed infrastructure infrastructure, superstructure construction. For this purpose, the new railway will be built in total 4700 Km. Starting from Sofia, the Çandarlı Harbor, connecting Havza to Kırıkkale, connecting the Gümüşhane to Batumi via Trabzon will be constructed within this scope. 1440 km of new lines will be made as double lines. The new conventional lines should be double lines and the total unit cost with its lower and upper structures, tunnels, viaducts and bridges was determined as 5 million USD / KM. For this reason, it is necessary to know the content of these discussions very well. The railway project to be done must go to Rize and therefore the Batumi route and the Black Sea from one end to the other.

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