Railway project planned to be constructed in the Black Sea Region

Agriculturists Association of Turkey Branch Chairman Rize Müfit Akman, the planned construction of railway projects in the Black Sea region, he argued should be made to cover the provinces of Samsun up to the steep.

Akman, in his written statement, the railway project from the first years of the Republic of Anatolia to the Black Sea, from there to neighboring countries, said it aimed to connect.

The statement of the project to be made in Erzincan, Gumushane and Trabzon, Sarp'tan Samsun to the provinces of the region is unfair and there is no acceptable case, arguing that Akman, said:

Proj The railway project, which is important for regional development and aims to bring the ports into an active position, should be tendered to cover the provinces between Samsun and Sarp. In the Black Sea Region, where the number of provinces is dense, within the scope of the incentives, industrial investments in the region have not been made due to the difficulties experienced in transportation for years. The Rize Mardin motorway project, which could not be built for many years as a project of a hundred years, will be realized by the implementation of the Ovit tunnel. With the railway project covering the Ovit tunnel and Sarp-Samsun, the organized industrial zone and tourism will be developed in Rize, and the transportation of 230 one thousand tons of dry tea produced by ÇAYKUR and the private sector will be easier and the development of the region will increase rapidly. However, considering the ignorance of provinces other than Trabzon, other cities will not be developed. Ancak

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