500 Speedometer Speed ​​Train From China

📩 24/11/2018 11:50

China, one of the most developed countries in the railways of the world, has completed the construction of its new train "Kılıç", designed to exceed 500 kilometers per hour on iron rails. It is stated that the Chinese-made train will start test drives in a few months.

The report, published in the official Chinese Xinhua agency, reported that China is designing a train that can exceed 500 kilometers per hour on iron rails. Located in Qingdao city in the north of the country, CSR Corp. It was stated that the train, which was built by the Ltd company and based on an ancient sword of China, will start test runs a few months later.

In the news, China's largest train manufacturer CSR Corp. In addition to its speed, the CRH380A model train made by Ltd has drawn attention to the increase in its technological equipment and passenger carrying capacity. It was stated that a plastic material was used in the body of the train, which was designed as a sword.

One of the most important indicators of China's technological level in railway transportation is the "Next Generation Peace" series, also known as "Gaotie", which runs between Beijing, the capital of the country and Shanghai, the financial center. The CRT380A Gaotie train broke the world record, reaching a speed of 486.1 kilometers per hour in tests between Zaozhuang city in northern China and Bingbu city in the south.

The total rail network of 90 thousand kilometers, which is available in China, is estimated to reach 2020 thousand kilometers with new lines to be opened in 100.

Source: CİHAN

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