Bursa Deputy Sena Kaleli gave a parliamentary question of 4 articles about the Ankara - Bursa high speed line project

Bursa deputy Sena Walled Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line projects about TURKISH GRAND NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF presidency to Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim led by 4 questions to be answered by the claims.

1-) When the joint venture group that received the tender will complete the infrastructure work in 3 years and what is the projected time to start "High Speed ​​Train" between Ankara and Bursa, considering the Bilcek-Yenişehir leg of the project and superstructure and electromechanical works?

2-) What is the estimated total cost of the "High Speed ​​Train" project between Ankara and Bursa? What is the share allocated for the project in the 2012 budget?

3-) At what stage are the studies regarding the "High Speed ​​Train" project planned between Istanbul - Bursa - Izmir? What is the schedule and forecast date for the completion of the project?

4-) Have expropriation processes been completed in line with the route determined for the "High Speed ​​Train" project between Ankara and Bursa? How much resources are allocated for this?

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Source: Parliament

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