The future of transportation is reshaping with the Bursa Metropolitan Area Urban and Near Environment Transport Master Plan

The future of transportation is being reshaped with the Bursa Metropolitan Area Urban and Near Environment Transportation Master Plan, which was built by the German Brenner Company with expertise in the field and targeted at Bursa's 2030 year. While the citizens living in the transportation problem were included in the planning phase, in the scope of the transportation master plan preliminary work, the problems were identified by interviewing 14 thousand people in 55 bin and 5 in 20. In order to determine the transportation vision of the city, 8 large parking lot exit, 70 junction and 66 main route will be recorded and the current situation will be clearly revealed. In the first stage of the work carried out in two stages, an action plan to be implemented until 2014 will be created. In line with this plan, solution proposals will be prepared for the regions to be urgently intervened. In the second leg of the planning, the city's transportation vision will be determined by 2030. In the planning of many criteria ranging from housing density, education and health institutions to the urban distribution, new rail routes, crossroads and new roads should be opened with scientific data.

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