The heavy maintenance of the Bosphorus will be done after the 3rd bridge

Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge, which was put into service on October 30, 1973, is getting ready for the largest maintenance and repair in its history.

The 256 hanging rope will be replaced by connecting the bridge floor with steel ropes between two towers. 30 million-dollar cost-planned maintenance-repair work is planned to start in 2015 at the latest, during this period the bridge will be closed to traffic in the year 1.

While the ministry has to be taken into maintenance for the next year under normal conditions, it aims to put the third bridge into service before the maintenance can be postponed for a maximum of two years. The Ministry of Transport officials stated that the US consultancy company Parsons International will report on it at the end of 2012, “The General Directorate of Highways is expected to commission the 3rd bridge by 2015. The maintenance and repair work on the Bosphorus Bridge will begin after the 3rd bridge is put into service. Traffic will not be negatively affected. ” he spoke. The Ministry of Transport decided to build the bridge with equity, since no proposals were received for the 3-kilometer North Marmara Highway Project, including the 414rd bridge.

During the heavy maintenance of the Bosphorus Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge will be the only alternative for 550-600 thousand vehicles daily passing between both sides of Istanbul. The first target of the Ministry of Transport, which includes all the alternatives for the solution of the traffic problem during maintenance, will be to put the third bridge into service before maintenance. For this, the 414-kilometer North Marmara Highway Project will be divided into stages. The construction of the third bridge and 70-100 kilometer connection roads will be realized with equity. The bridge is expected to cost $ 1 billion and link roads cost $ 1,5 billion. The Ministry of Transportation management, which started negotiations with the Ministry of Finance for welding, plans to solve the resource problem, tender the bridge and hit the first digging this year. Construction will be completed in about 30 months after the bridge tender has been made. On the other hand, Parsons International won the tender for the consultancy service for the maintenance works to be carried out on the Bosphorus Bridge of the General Directorate of Highways at a price of 2,8 million TL.

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