Latest status of Beylikdüzü - Bakırköy Metro line project

President Yusuf Uzun, who participated as the live broadcast guest of the National TV channel Bloomberg HT's Main News Bulletin, gave information about the development and urban transformation of the district.

Beylikdüzü Mayor Yusuf Uzun, who participated in the live broadcast in the Main News Bulletin in Bloomberg HT, told about the Beylikdüzü leg of urban transformation works that is continuing with great speed in Istanbul.

Also making explanations about the development of the district, Mayor Uzun said that Beylikdüzü has become one of the central places of Istanbul, especially with the metrobus study carried out by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

President Uzun, Beylikdüzü - Bakırköy Metro line project will be determined by the Ministry of Transport in the coming years. kazanHe also gave the good news that he will rise.


Mayor Uzun answered the questions of Ali Çağatay regarding the urban transformation in the live broadcast and stated that urban transformation is needed in some regions in the district. Expressing that they will be hand in hand with the citizens at important stages of urban transformation, Mayor Uzun said, “We have to determine the reality of our country and the structures that need urban transformation in the areas we live in. As local administrators, we will present attractive projects to our citizens. Our work continues at great speed. We established our Urban Transformation Office under our Plan and Project Directorate. Our teams are working on this issue only. ”


Expressing that Metrobus and Metro works are very important for the development of Beylikdüzü, Mayor Yusuf Uzun said that Metrobus will start to serve in March. Stating that the "Beylikdüzü Bakırköy Metro" works will also be carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Mayor Uzun stated that the district will come to the fore with the increase of public transportation vehicles.


In the Main News published in Bloomberg HT, Mayor Uzun stated that Beylikdüzü is a district that can be easily lived in every season. President Yusuf Uzun continued his words as follows:

“Our Beylikdüzü has become even more beautiful with its green areas, sea and 1,5 km of coastline for which arrangement works have been made. Our citizens prefer here to 'breathe' and live in harmony with nature. We live in a district where beauties are experienced in summer and winter, and we expect our citizens who want to come to Beylikdüzü to a brand new living space. ”

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