Barzani, the railway between Turkey and Iraq Request

Muammar Turker, Governor of Hakkari, returned to Hakkari after 3 day contacts in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq.

15 delegation headed by Hakkari Governor Muammer Türker to open two border gates in Şemdinli and Çukurca districts of Hakkari returned to Hakkari after 3 day-long contacts in Northern Iraqi Kurdish Region. Acknowledging the opening of the two border crossings of the President of the Northern Iraqi Kurdish Region, Massoud Barzani, who accepted the delegation, he said, la Although you agree with your views, you can take a step further and build a railway to Europe. ”

Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA) organization Muammer Turker Hakkari Governor Muammer Turker, including the presidents of Hakkari and Yüksekova Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Semdinli and Çukurcalı businessmen in the 15 people delegation, going to the Northern Iraqi Kurdish Region, Semdinli 3 held two day-long contacts on two new border crossings to be opened in the Uzumlu regions of Derecik and Cukurca. 16-18 The delegation headed by Governor Muammer Türker, who visited the cities of Duhok and Erbil in Iraq, met for the first time with the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party and Iraqi Federated Kurdish Regional President Mesut Barzani.


During the meeting, Hakkari Governor Muammer Türker said that they came to Erbil from Hakkari at 12 hour, whereas if the border gates were opened, this road could be shortened up to 3 hours. Türk Even though the two countries are divided by political borders, the ties of brotherhood between us continue uninterrupted. It is essential that both the strengthening of this brotherhood, the development of legal trade between us and the opening of the border gates to provide peace and stability in the region and to provide employment and AS opportunities for our people ”.

Mesut Barzani, who started his speech by stating that the Governor of Hakkari agreed with what he said, said, la Although you agree with your opinions, you can take a step further and make a railway that will extend to Europe. After years of wars in Europe, it completely lifted its borders. This way of demarcating the boundary between the two brotherly societies harms both communities. Like the Turkish side, we made our preparations on this issue. ”

The delegation headed by Governor Muammer Türker in Hakkari, then Minister of Industry Sinan Çelebi, Interior Minister Kerim Sincari, Minister of National Education Safin Dizai, as well as Erbil and Dohuk Governors and the heads of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the exchange of views on the two new border gate. .

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