Balıkesir Deputy Cemal Öztaylan: Bandırma Will Become the World's Energy Corridor

Yap Bandırma will soon be the world's energy corridor and many factories will be built. The population will be 500 bin. Bandırma will cross the 12 industrial zone, Gebze, because there is no railway line in Gebze. There is a railway in Bandırma, there is a harbor. Industrial enterprises will come here. Sabancı Group, 10 thousand acres of land, will make new factories, S he said.

Southern Marmara Journalists Association President Engin Arıcan stated that Bandırma was a sick city because of the industrialists polluting the environment. Arican, ı We are not against the industry, but the twisted people have become ill industrialized Bandırma. Bandirma can't breathe, everyone has asthma. rich industrialists pounds per square meter of the money trap closes all lands whether Turkey 10 10 thousand pounds to land. When the poor peasant saw the money, he sold his land to the industrialist. Erdek Gulf tourism will be finished soon after the warped industrialization has an EIA report? Çarp.

Öztaylan deputy, bak I see everything, do not look at the glasses. I wear the glasses as an accessory, we will take care not to worry. The provincial agricultural commission, the pasture commission, review this place. There are no facilities for the establishment of factories, they say, factories are being set up.

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