Minister Binali Yıldırım's plan B announced

The reason why none of the 3 firms that received the specification bid for the Northern Marmara Motorway tender, which also includes the construction of the 18rd Bridge to Istanbul, became clear: 'Financing crisis ...' 

The reason why many local and foreign firms did not bid for the tender was the global financial crisis.


The difficulties experienced in finding financing due to the ongoing financial crisis in Europe, said the companies closed the way. For tender, Obayashi, Japan, Mitsubishi, Itochu and IHI, Astaldi from Italy, Russia from Moskovsky Metrostroy and NPO Mostovik, Austria's Strabag, Spain from FCC Construction, and the Turkey Mapa Construction, Cengiz Construction, Parking Holding, Varyap, Yuksel Construction, Kolin Construction, Nurol Construction, STFA and Gülsan Construction, 18 company had received the specification.


However, the possibility of the cancellation of the tender was prepared in the same minutes again appeared in Ankara. Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım, ”If the offer comes, we don't think about black, if it doesn't, we go to plan B“ he said. From the morning hours, the Ministry, the Tender Commission and the triangle of companies are experiencing surprise developments while the tender process is taking place. 'Plan B' was the subject of curiosity.


After the cancellation of the tender, it was learned that the government did not intend to tender for the project from now on due to global financial problems, however, as in the nuclear power plant, the 3rd bridge and highway project was emphasized directly with an international agreement. According to Vatan's report, the most important solution on the table for the 3rd Bridge and highway project to be established in the Bosphorus is expressed as the nuclear model.


Turkey's nuclear power plant project will be implemented in the Akkuyu, ”With international agreement“ The project is considered to be the most rational solution for the project to be implemented directly in a foreign country. The informative sources reminded that the tenders for the nuclear power plant were unsuccessful, but then the nuclear power plant was not abandoned and an international agreement was signed with Russia and the project was directly awarded to Russia. After that, they started the project with the Russian Akkuyu NGS company. That's 3. They also stressed that there were willing countries for the bridge project.


On the other hand, one of the issues on the agenda of Japan's Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba, who met with Foreign Minister Davutoglu, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan and Prime Minister Erdogan, is the Northern Marmara Highway and Bridge Project. A similar agreement with Russia in Akkuyu was underway for the signing of a signing agreement with Japan for the nuclear power plant to be built in Sinop, Japan's 3. It is said to be eager for the bridge and highway tender. However, it is stated that such large projects are also evaluated in terms of omatik diplomatic de terms and that other countries may be given green light for diplomatic reasons.


3 within the scope of Turkey's second largest project of the North Marmara Motorway Project. It was said that the bridge would have two floors. It was emphasized that the passage of vehicles from one floor would be provided and the train would pass from the other floor. However, Minister Binali Yildirim 3. For Bridge '2 floors' The definition of reacted. Lightning, 3. Saying that there is no definition of a project on the bridge, “We do not have a condition that the project should be double-storey or single-storey. Our condition is this; Both road vehicles and railway vehicles will pass through the bridge to be built. There are also double floors in the world, there are also projects that solve the same job on one floor. " used expressions.

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