BADER President Uysal's request for commuter train

The board of the Bahçeşehirliler Association visited Mayor Mevlüt Uysal on the day of 19.01.2012. The visit was aimed at the continuation of the communication of the newly elected BADER management with the Municipality. For the transportation to Bahçeşehir; The effort for the arrival of the BANİŞÖ train to Bahçeşehir was requested to support the Municipality.

Transportation in Bahçeşehir continues to be the biggest problem.

After reaching consensus that the exact solution is METRO - President; ‚When the Marmaray is over“ HalkalıHe had been working for the extension of the line to Hadimkoy. ' Against this view, if the public pressure is increased during the visit to TCDD ehir Before the end of Marmaray, this line will be provided to Ispartakule until tren this was tried to be tried in the past ‚but Ispartakule station was left unfinished because it was not made available to the suburban trains. We even told Bahçeşehirlii that we can take action to make METRO come first.

3.Boğazköprüsü Relaxes Bahçeşehir.

Edil 3. The main road that connects the Bosphorus Bridge will pass through the north of Bahçeşehir kuzey by establishing connections with the northern road from various parts of Başakşehir, the outlets will be provided by these roads. In order to benefit from this project, we had to wait a lot ör We tried to explain our thoughts that took time after the work started in our country with the Marmaray example.

BADER; It is a bridge between administrations and members.

Bader Management of the President "Bader'ın Bahçeşehir'ye countenabileceği" up to this day, many problems of Bahçeşehir brought to the agenda by explaining "If you are informed about the decisions you make for Bahçeşehir as a municipality is positive," he said he would criticize for the correction of the negative if there are negative aspects . Bader Management a After this, Vice President Nurettin Ertemel, who was present at the meeting, decided to meet Bahçeşehir's agenda issues more often and bid farewell to the President.

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