The new guests of the wrecked factory in Malatya

AK Party during investigations Malatya Deputy Çalık sweetly and Ihsan husband, China Railway Chairman of China-Turkey Railway Project Study Team President HE Aiku and CSR Company President gave Zhang Zaizhang information.

Making a statement after the investigations, AK Party Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık said, “The construction of the factory was stopped in 1989. Turning it into a new investment area is one of the important issues that Malatya residents desire. As a result of our meetings with our Minister of Transport on this issue, we asked them to support us with investors from abroad. A delegation from China came to Malatya regarding the issue. We provide the necessary information for our investor company to invest in Malatya. It is very important for us that our delegation is in Malatya. I hope they will travel, examine and make their programs. Then we will come together on the subject again ”.

Evaluating the latest situation regarding the Polish delegation, who had previously examined the factory, Çalık said, “The Polish delegation also visited us in Ankara. It was the product of individual work. Can something be done here within the framework of the twin city project? They came with thought. But we consider the visit of the Chinese delegation very important. We see that he is a serious investor. As Malatya, we will do our part. I hope they will make their investments here, ”he said.

The Chinese delegation is expected to come to Malatya again after doing the necessary work.

Source: Malatyam

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